We are a group of young adults trying to secure our future from the effects of climate change

Here’s how we plan to do this


Going to schools, companies, libraries, etc. to educate others about the reasons for climate change and encouraging them to lead eco-friendly lives


We believe that everyone can make a difference. That is why we are encouraging youth to become climate change change-makers in their communities.


Our voice is our greatest asset. So, we encourage youth to direct use their voices to speak for our planet.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela

Our mission is to energize, inspire and enable the youth community to work together, boost eco-literacy and save our little planet by fighting against climatic changes. Our Founder Shreya Chaudhuri started this organization after seeing the harm of traditional climate education that does not discuss the potential actions youth can take to alter the course of climate change and environmental degradation Having observed the deteriorating condition of the Earth in terms of environmental degradation and global warming we also wish to promote a better understanding of the effects our society has on the long term health of our planet to create a better world.

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