If we don't act now, the damages we've done to our world will be irreversible in 12 years.

We aim to educate every global citizen about the detrimental effects of climate change, so that we can make a difference together.

What We Do

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We offer presentations.

Book Us

We offer...

We offer presentations at schools, libraries, farmer's markets, fairs, museums, etc. to give presentations about environmental issues. These...

Mentorship Programs

At our free mentorship.

Mentorship Programs

At our free...

At our free mentorship program, we pair youth with experienced climate activists, scientists, and politicians so they can be guided in pursuing...


We are offering a.


We are offering a...

We are offering a virtual free curriculum aimed at middle/high school students. This program is completed with consultations with scientists. We...

Social Campaigns

One Human. One.

Social Campaigns

One Human....

One Human. One Tree.  

We encourage you to plant one tree/flower/bush. It does not matter how big or small it is. Challenge...

Project Planet Blog

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Bioremediation – The Who, What, Hows?

Blog written by Benjamin  What is it?   Bioremediation is...

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Pandemics and Their Effects on the Environment

Map of COVID-19 infections from the CDC  Note: I'd like...

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QLS Presentation

In January, QLS hosted a presentation from Project Planet. This...

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