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Project Planet has a place for every volunteer. Whether you can speak a few hours one day, a few hours each month, or have only a couple minutes on your hand, you can still join the fight for the environment. Listed below are volunteering positions. To get started send us an email at

Become A Volunteer

Volunteer for us as a Social Media ExpertBlogger, or Speaker for Project Planet.

Start A Chapter

Start your own chapter of Project Planet to increase climate education within your community.


Join our mentorship program as a mentor for future climate leaders. Visit this link

Join Our Executive Team

If you would like to be more involved with Project Planet, join our executive team. You can contribute your talents to building our apps and stores, creating our programs, finding organizations for us to speak at, and managing our non-profits from a business perspective. For more information, please fill out this form - .

Support our Cause

If you are pressed for time but still want to contribute to our mission, there are still ways to get involved
Spread the Word

Book Us to Speak at Your Organization

Book us today to bring environmental literacy to your school or workplace in the Bay Area. We have different activities and presentations for different organizations and settings to have the audience understand the importance of environmental awareness and activism. Fill out the form below for us to speak at your organization. - Please note that at the current moment, we are only able to speak at organizations at the Bay Area.


Do Your Bit

Transform your life to an eco-friendly one with our free helpful resources. We are setting this program up-please check back later.