QLS Presentation

In January, QLS hosted a presentation from Project Planet. This interactive presentation included fun activities, a slideshow, and a few surprises. I felt honored that they agreed to have me present and teach the little ones about climate change.   The QLS School is already a pretty eco-friendly school; there have been numerous initiatives like their composting and recycling programs …



We are offering a virtual free curriculum aimed at middle/high school students. This program is completed with consultations with scientists. We want to ensure that everyone around the world has access to climate education. This is the current syllabus. We will be developing a more thorough page soon.

Social Campaigns

One Human. One Tree.   We encourage you to plant one tree/flower/bush. It does not matter how big or small it is. Challenge your friend to do so as well. Document on Instagram and tag @theproject.planet Say No to Lead Acid Batteries.   Tell your gov’t to not use lead acid batteries (LABs). Although LABs are 100% recyclable, they are increasing lead …

Mentorship Programs

At our free mentorship program, we pair youth with experienced climate activists, scientists, and politicians so they can be guided in pursuing their individual environmental projects. Join our community by becoming a mentor or a mentee. Please contact us at info@projectplanet.world for more information and fill out this form.

Book Us

We offer presentations at schools, libraries, farmer’s markets, fairs, museums, etc. to give presentations about environmental issues. These presentations are tailored for the audience. Additionally, we have science demonstrations like a “build your own water filter” activity and crash courses on climate activism. We can also present on one specific topic if needed. We incorporate fun games into our presentations …

Our Approach

Project planet

Our Programs Mentorship Program Blogs/Newsletters Virtual Curriculum Presentations & Workshops Petitions Social Campaigns Apps Webinars Summits/Events Challenges We incorporate science, politics, and activism into our educational techniques. We also advocate for systemic change rather than just individual change. All of our programs are currently free.

Our Impact


So far, we have impacted 2000+ students. We are present in 6 countries and 5 states. We have partnered with Society for Science, Amyris, and We Make Change. We have been featured on Stanford and HS Insider LA Times. But our most important impact that cannot be expressed in numbers is the communities that we have changed through our hands-on …