QLS Presentation

In January, QLS hosted a presentation from Project Planet. This interactive presentation included fun activities, a slideshow, and a few surprises. I felt honored that they agreed to have me present and teach the little ones about climate change.


The QLS School is already a pretty eco-friendly school; there have been numerous initiatives like their composting and recycling programs in the past to reduce school wastage. So, it made sense to hold our first major event at this school, where the students have the tools necessary to make a difference as future leaders. All of the attendees were studies from Kg to 5th Grade, so this presentation was geared towards their age levels.


I started the presentation with a blanket demonstration to help kids visualize the concept of global warming. Then, I went on to discuss the causes behind global warming and other forms of environmental damage and what they can do about it. I ended the presentation by playing a game where the students would choose where a selected item would go –  to the compost, recycle, or trash. Ultimately, this presentation seemed to interest many of the future visionaries in the audience. 


I feel grateful to have helped their understanding of their world in a small but hopefully significant way. 


Again, if you would like to host a presentation, visit https://projectplanet.world/get-involved/ for more information 🙂  


Cheers 🙂


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